American Drywall May Also Pose Health Risks, Report Says

Homes containing Chinese drywall have been labeled "cancer traps" and have spawned numerous lawsuits. But the problem may not only be caused by drywall manufactured in China. A new report suggests some drywall made in America may also cause health problems, reports.

Problem drywall manufactured in the United States was highlighted in a drywall report by The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in conjunction with Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. The report followed tests on 11 homes. Five homes with "problematic drywall exhibited "corroborating evidence," such as sulfur build up, hydrogen sulfide emissions and copper sulfide development, synonymous with problem drywall," reported.

Chinese drywall poses a problem in many parts of Virginia (VA). Renters of a development in Williamsburg, Virginia (VA), recently complained how their children are experiencing headaches and breathing problems, which they fear were linked to drywall, the Daily Press reported.

The situation is so serious in parts of Newport News, Virginia (VA), that officials have asked for federal funding help to alleviate the problem. And we reported how the luxury Harbor Walk condo project in Norfolk's Ocean View area was also plagued by a drywall problem.

Our experienced Virginia Beach-based Virginia (VA) personal injury attorneys have written extensively about the Chinese drywall issue and its health implications. Although this problem is normally associated with homes, we recently reported on how Chinese drywall had used in the construction of a hotel in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), according to the Virginian-Pilot.

This video highlights the extent of the problem.

Even small samples of Chinese drywall have led to the discovery of suspect materials linked to ill health such as sulfur, our personal injury attorneys recently reported.

As experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Virginia (VA), we have represented victims and the family of victims whose health has been damaged by dangerous chemicals in buildings or other structures. For, instance our firm has represented two railroad workers each who died from mesothelioma linked to asbestos exposure.


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