Amtrak Train Allegedly Hit Curve at Double the Allowed Speed Limit

The train derailment in Philadelphia Tuesday night that left at least 7 dead and 200 injured may have been caused by excessive speed, according to the mayor. 

The Amtrak Northeast Regional Train derailed Tuesday night, and according to Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, the train’s engineer was going at a high rate of speed possibly in excess of 100 MPH – in a 50 MPH zone.

Data has indicated the train’s speed was nearly 107 MPH at the time of the derailment.

However, the NTSB has called the mayor’s comments ‘inflammatory.’ A spokesman for the NTSB told the press that it would not make any statements on the cause of the crash until a proper investigation has been completed.

The spokesman did note that the train’s engineer applied full emergency brakes just seconds before the train flew off the tracks.

A federal official close to the investigation told the media that they were focusing on speed as a cause of the crash. This was due to the angles of the wrecked cars, as well as the heavy damage to the cars.

A former NTSB official who now is an analyst for CNN stated that the train likely was going to fast for the turn.

The engineer has declined to be interviewed by the NTSB or the local police, and he has been seen with an attorney in public in the last 24 hours.

Railroad companies can sometimes cut corners to increase profits, as we have seen in our legal cases in Virginia, although it is too early to say in the above case. Our personal injury firm has seen many cases of negligent railroad companies and/or engineers that have led to many serious accidents over the years. While we do not yet know the definitive cause of the above derailment, those who have been injured or killed in this tragic accident deserve answers as soon as possible.

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