An Amtrak train traveling from Raleigh to Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) slammed into a low-boy trailer that was stopped at the tracks in Mebane, NC causing the train to derail. At least 13 people suffered injuries and the impact of the train-truck crash caused a massive fire, according to

The Amtrak “Piedmont” train had 36 passengers aboard for an 8 a.m. trip when the wreck occurred near the intersection of South Fifth and Center streets, according to

Here is a news report detailing this train-truck crash…



Jamarr Poole was on the train when it hit the truck and he described the scene to news-record saying, “It was mind blowing. I never saw anything like that, except on TV. It was just a big, big black cloud of smoke in the sky.”

The exact details of what caused the crash are still undetermined. The focus right now is cleaning up the wreckage.

Many questions will need to be answered about this train-truck crash. For example, was there some type of mechanical error or computer failure which prevented the train to stop or the truck to proceed beyond the rail crossing? We will have to wait and see what the accident investigation reveals.