Amtrak Will Install Engineer Cameras

Amtrak has decided to install video cameras in all Northeast Corridor trains to record the actions of engineers running the trains. This is a step being taken in the wake of the deadly crash in Philadelphia recently that killed eight people.

Installation of the cameras on all Amtrak trains between Boston, New York and Washington DC should be done by the end of the year. The train company is coming up with a plan for cameras facing inward to record all engineer actions as they drive the train.

The CEO of Amtrak said last week that the new inward-facing cameras will boost safety and will also provide investigators with another tool after accidents occur. Similar cameras already are installed on the front of all Amtrak trains.

The 32 year-old engineer who was at the controls of the train during the recent wreck stated that he did not recall the accident at all. The investigation found that the train was going over 100 MPH when it entered a 50 MPH curve, and then derailed.

Our personal injury law firm is experienced in complex train injury cases, and we are glad to see that Amtrak has agreed to install cameras in its locomotives. This should offer another safety check on these trains and could lead to fewer accidents.

We have represented injured train engineers and other employees where the railroad did not follow proper safety procedures. It is very important that Amtrak follow all existing and new safety rules and regulations to minimize the chances of another tragic derailment.


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