What Happened

On March 10, 2013 a 30-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a collision in Anne Arundel County, Maryland (MD).  The accident took place on Route 3 in Gambrills. According to authorities a young woman turned into the motorcycles path when crossing the road into a Royal Farms parking lot. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene to find the motorcyclist with life threatening injuries and transported him to Baltimore Washington Medical Center where he died.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Statistics show if a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, the likelihood of injury is incredibly high: 98% of two-vehicle accidents resulted in serious injury.  These injuries usually have a long road to recovery that can include multiple surgeries and a great deal of physical rehabilitation that can leave the rider out of work for several months or longer

During the recent winter months drivers were less likely to see motorcycles on the road but as the season begins to change and the weather starts to warm up drivers will encounter more and more motorcyclists. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 42 percent of two-vehicle fatal motorcycle crashes involved a vehicle turning left while the motorcycle was going straight, passing, or overtaking the vehicle.

If you have been involved in a Virginia (VA) motorcycle accident you should not wait to contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, this will allow for the possibility of recovering medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. With over 100 combined years of legal experience our Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyers have the resources, knowledge, and dedication that have developed an excellent track record of settlements and verdicts in favor of our clients.

Potentially Helpful Info

A previous client was enjoying a ride on his motorcycle when a car suddenly turned into his lane and struck him. Our client was lucky he was not killed but part of his right leg had to be amputated. The defense tried multiple tactics to place the blame of the accident on our client; however the evidence of the accident all pointed to the driver of the car. After two years of fighting numerous battles with the defense attorneys we were able to settle this claim in favor of our client.

If you or a family member has been injured in a Virginia (VA) traffic accident caused by another person, you can begin learning about your legal rights and options by downloading this free report on filing claims following motorcycle crashes.

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