Arizona Man Injured in Railroad Crossing Incident

A man from Maricopa, Arizona (AZ) was injured in October when his silver sedan was hit by a train at a railroad crossing.

The Union Pacific Railroad train crossed through a small intersection in Maricopa, but the railroad crossing arms did not come down. Fortunately, the 55 year-old man had only minor injuries and was treated and released at a local hospital.

Union Pacific has been assessing what went wrong at the site for several weeks. One Union Pacific representative thought that the train may have kicked up debris that covers the sensor on the crossing arm.

The train that crossed the tracks at that time was moving slowly, so it is very fortunate that the man was not seriously injured or killed.

The police chief for the small town noted that while the fault appears to lie with the crossing arms not coming down, many people take driving a vehicle too lightly. He said that is important that all drivers give maximum attention to the road and to railroad crossings to ensure everything is safe.

As railroad accident personal injury lawyers, we see too many accidents and deaths at railroad crossings in our state of Virginia. While it appears that the railroad crossing arms failed to deploy, the driver should have taken better care to ensure the tracks were clear before crossing. If more people would just open their eyes and pay attention at railroad crossings, much heartache could be avoided.

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