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At-Fault Driver Flees Hospital After St. Albans, WV Accident

A Charleston, West Virginia (WV), man has a warrant out for his arrest after he fled the hospital after causing a car accident that badly injured another driver. The wreck took place at the intersection of Spring Street and Kenawha Terrace in St. Albans.

According to the Charleston Gazette, t
he man made a left-hand turn directly into the path of an oncoming car. Both drivers were taken to CAMC General Hospital and treated for injuries. The police reported that they smelled alcohol on the at-fault driver and found an open container in the car with him. The driver was also found to have a revoked license due to a prior driving under the influence charge, and police could not find proof of insurance in the vehicle.

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At the hospital, the at-fault driver became combative with staff and police. Offcers were looking to obtain a warrant to run a blood alcohol test on the driver when he fled the hospital.

The injured victim should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in West Virginia to discuss his legal options. The at-fault driver reportedly was driving after consuming alcohol, and there is evidence of open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. If the victim is forced to miss time from work, racks up a large medical bills or suffers a decrease in his quality of life, he could have grounds to pursue damages. To learn about what types of damages can be pursued in a personal injury claim, take a look at this page. 

Here is some more information about West Virginia drunk driving laws.  


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