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Auto Accident Injures Kids in Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Best VA car accident injury lawyersIt’s the type of phone call that you hope you never get, the one in which you find out your wife and kids are hurt in an auto accident.  Unfortunately that’s the news a family got when  a mother and her two children were hospitilized after a suspect took off in his car after a traffic stop on I-64 in Newport News, Virginia (VA), reports Wavy News 10.

Police stopped the suspect's vehicle on I-64 eastbound near Exit 258 because he was driving in a reckless manner.  Unlike most law abiding citizens this guy decided to run from the cops and he took off headed toward J. Clyde Morris Boulevard westbound.

Then, when the driver came off the ramp going towards J. Clyde Morris Boulevard he struck a mini-van that was carrying a mother, her 12-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son.  This guy obliviously didn’t care how many people he killed.  In fact, police said the van was hit so hard that it spun around in a complete 180.  A rear tire flew off the van and struck another car that was traveling eastbound on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard.

This negligent driver created a chain reaction crash that caused a multi-vehicle accident when the tire struck the Nissan, that car flipped around and rested on the sidewalk.  Inside that car was another mother and her two young children, a 1-year-old daughter, and 3-year-old son.

The injured mothers and children were taken to the hospital. Although they had visual injuries and were complaining of pain, the injuries were non-life threatening.  As a mom, when I read these kind of articles, it really upsets me that someone could be so callous to human life, The at-fault driver nearly shattered two different families.  I hope that they recover from the injuries as quickly as possible and don’t sustain any long term ill effects because of the actions of one dangerous man.

The only reason this dangerous driver didn’t injury any more people is because after he hit the van, he went up on a curb, hit a tree, and then hit a pole.  I want to thank the police officers that got this criminal off the street. They showed more restraint than I would of with the suspect.

The statistics of children and automobile accidents are alarming. According to the grim data from the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA), nearly 250,000 children are injured every year in car accidents.  This means that every day of the year approximately700 children are harmed in accidents on our roadways. That number translates to about 10 children per state die every day in a car accident.

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