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Bad Excuses Truckers Give for Virginia Reckless Diving

Two weeks ago on Interstate 81 in Rockingham County, a Virginia trucker was charged with reckless driving after merging into a tour bus carrying 40 passengers. Six people were injured in the crash, which flipped the tractor-trailer and pushed the bus off of the left side of the road.

Virginia truck crashes like these are all too common – and all too often, the truckers involved in the crashes fight their reckless driving charges or claim that they weren’t endangering others on the road. In the wake of a collision with another vehicle, they might argue:

  • “I was just trying to pass a slow vehicle.”

  • “Everyone on the interstate was speeding.”

  • “I’ve never been charged with reckless driving before.”

  • “The accident was the other person’s fault.”

  • “I was trying to deliver my load on time.”

  • “No one else uses their signals, so I don’t have to.”

It is important to understand that there is no good excuse for reckless driving. Speeding, the most common form of reckless driving, isn’t okay even if everyone else is doing it or you are attempting to pass another vehicle. Putting others on the road in danger isn’t okay even if you are late for a drop-off or have a deadline. Remember: truckers aren’t above the law and there is no reason good enough to drive in a manner that could easily cause an accident.

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