Bayer, the manufacturer of the birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin, announced they would expand their warning labels to include information about the risk of developing blood clots from these prescription drugs, according to Bayer claims they are only doing this to cooperate with the Food and Drug Administration’s request to add more warning language.

Bayer did not mention the fact that thousands of lawsuits have been filed against them in relation to women suffering horrendous side effects (including major blood clots) after using Yaz and Yasmin. Could the impending wave of litigation against Bayer be their real motivation for adding new warning label language about blood clots? It is possible.

Bayer recently used the defense that their warning labels clearly outline the risks associated with taking these drugs. However, this recent revision of their warning labels debunks that defense since the revision indicates the labels were missing important safety information about a potentially deadly side effect (i.e. blood clots).

The FDA finally made the request after two multi-year studies involving 120,000 women taking oral contraceptives (including Yaz and Yasmin) in the United States and the United Kingdom verified the risk of blood clots.

Even with the recent warning label update, it does not change the pain and suffering so many women have endured, or are still enduring, after taking these dangerous drugs. As Judy Jones, the mother of a daughter who is suffering Yaz side effects, said:

“My daughter has been taking this pill for about 4 years and is having kidney problems and has not had her period for 5months she also says that her bowel movements are not normal after hearing about this pill on the news and reading on line I’m concerned…”

So are we. The side effects of these medications can be severe and even life-threatening. To learn more, please take a look at this free consumer report about the dangers of Yaz and Yasmin (get the report here). After you have had a chance to read the report, consider contacting an attorney to discuss your legal options.