In their 2009 annual report, Bayer addressed the growing wave of lawsuits being filed against them in connection with Yaz, Yasmin, and generic Ocella birth control pills. On page 243 of the report, Bayer proclaims they have a meritorious defense and will fight the lawsuits vigorously.

Note to Bayer:  if you are looking to fight for your potentially lethal birth control pills, we are ready to fight for the victims who were seriously injured by these dangerous drugs.

Roughly 1,100 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer and that number is expected to grow precipitously in the near future. Does Bayer honestly think all of these lawsuits are just a coincidence? Do they honestly believe the victims who took Yaz, Yasmin, or Ocella and are now struggling with gallbladder problems, blood clots, symptoms of depression, sudden numbness, and chest pains  are simply mistaken that their birth control pills caused these horrible side effects? Bayer’s only answer up to this point is, “Hey, we have warnings on the box.”

Well, heres what Bayer lists as potential side effects on their own Yaz website:

The most frequent (greater than 1%) side effects, which may or may not be related to YAZ, that were reported in all YAZ clinical trials included: upper respiratory infection, headache, breast pain, vaginal moniliasis, nausea, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, urinary tract infection, accidental injury, sinusitis, emotional lability, suspicious Papanicolaou smear, weight gain, depression, menstrual disorder, and asthenia.

I do not see anything about blood clots, or even gallbladder problems. Both are important to mention considering a young woman reportedly died of a blood clot and it is alleged that Yaz played a role in her death. 

Here is a video of a report describing a young woman struggling with blood clots potentially created due to Ocella…

The lawsuits filed in federal court against Bayer have been consolidated into whats called multi-district litigation. Essentially, this means that federal lawsuits from a variety of districts will be argued and judged in one court. However, this does not affect lawsuits filed in state court. If you have suffered adverse side effects from Yaz, Yasmin, or Ocella, please give me a call so we can talk about your situation and determine if you have a case. Also, please download our free, in-depth consumer report about the risks associated with these dangerous drugs.