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Bicycle-Car Crash in Norfolk, VA Hospitalizes Rider

A bicyclist commuting to work in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), at around 7 am on Jan. 15, 2013, was hit by a car at the intersection of E. Virginia Beach Boulevard and Ingelside Road. The bicyclist sustained potentially life-threatening injuries and remained hospitalized in stable condition as of the following morning.

Police did not release many details about the accident, nor did they immediately file charges. It is possible that low visibility and poor road conditions played roles in causing the collision. The sun had just begun to rise and rain was falling at the time the crash occurred on the stretch of road bordered by Janaf and Military Circle malls.


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The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers' Perspective

The nature of the bicycle rider's injuries were not disclosed. Broken bones and some form of head trauma or brain injury seem sure bets, however, as those are almost inescapable for even helmet-wearing bicyclists who get run into by automobiles. Regardless of his wounds, the man undoubtedly faces a long, difficult recovery.

Whether the injured man will be able to recover compensation for medical treatment costs, lost wages and pain and suffering will depend on what the police's final accident investigation shows happened. Even if the car's driver does not ultimately face criminal charges for violating traffic laws, the person could still be held liable in a civil lawsuit if evidence shows that the crash could have been avoided if the driver had slowed down, maintained better control of his or her vehicle, given enough space to the bike rider or even just kept a better lookout for bicyclists. No matter how dark skies are nor how wet pavement is, drivers are not automatically excused from responsibility for causing accidents and injuries simply because they can claim, "I never saw the bike."

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