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Bicyclist in Critical Condition After Being Struck by Drunk Driver

An Idaho (ID) man who had been cycling across the United States is in a Winston-Salem, North Carolina (NC), hosptal in critical condition after being struck by a drunk driver near Lexington, NC. The bicyclist was traveling along the right side of I-85 whe the driver of a Toyota pickup truck heading in the same direction crossed the fog line onto the interstate shoulder and struck the bike rider.

The cyclist was thrown off his bike and traveled more than 100 feet through the air. When police arrived on scene, they administered a field sobriety test to the at-fault driver and found he had a blood alcohol content of .14. 

The state troopers charged the pickup driver with driving while impaired, failure to maintain lane control, driving with an open container and transporting spirituous liquor. He has been released but will appear in court next month.

As an NC injury attorney, I know that when cars and bicycles collide, the cyclist is almost aways badly injured. When you factor in the drunk driving, the bike rider hit on I-85 is lucky to be alive.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash, consider consulting with an experienced traffic accident lawyer. My colleagues and I are ready to assist you in reviewing your specific situation to see if your claim against an at-fault driver has merit.

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