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Bicyclist Involved in Car Accident on Berkley Bridge

One thing you don’t expect to happen when crossing a pedestrian bridge is to be struck by a car.  But, this is exactly what happened to a bicyclist who was riding her bike across the Berkley Bridge and she has the video to prove it.  Kelley Howell said she was on the pedestrian bridge when she was hit by a passing motorist. There is a sign posted that reads, “Beware of VDOT vehicles using pathway.”  However the car involved in the accident was a personal car that VDOT has confirmed was driven by a bridge tender.  That driver has been placed on administrative leave.

Even in areas like cross walks bicycle accidents can be a common.  If you or a loved one was riding a bike and got hit by a car, truck or SUV, you're likely having to cope with, and recover from, the physical injuries suffered in the accident. You're also probably grappling with the stress of medical bill payments, time off work and the additional hassle of negotiating with insurance claims agents. These burdens can become debilitating which is why so many injured people turn to experienced Norfolk bicycle accident attorneys to help take some of the burden off their shoulders.

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A bike accident can result in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage and other serious injuries to the rider. To learn how to ride defensively, read our Virginia personal injury law firm's Child/Teen Health & Safety Checklist.


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