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Bicyclist Wins $300,000 Lawsuit After Hitting Runner

A bicyclist won a lawsuit against a runner after a collision on a biking and running path in Roanoke VA in 2012.

A Roanoke City Circuit Court jury awarded the biker $300,000 plus $55,000 in interest in July after it found that the runner involved was at fault for causing the accident, which occurred on June 11, 2012. The jury decided unanimously that the runner was negligent and the biker did nothing wrong.

The bicyclist stated in the lawsuit that the runner suddenly turned around when he was running on the path to go in the other direction and did not look to see if it was safe. The biker was unable to anticipate the runner’s actions and they hit each other. The female biker fell off and hit her head on the ground.

The impact on the ground cracked her helmet and caused her brain to bleed and become bruised. These injuries led to retrograde amnesia, and she could not remember if she alerted the runner that she was approaching from the rear.

The posted signs on the path do note that bikers need to yield to pedestrians. However, the jury found that the runner in the case did not appear to check if anyone was approaching from behind when he turned around, therefore finding him at fault.

As traumatic brain injury attorneys in Virginia, we are glad that the injured biker has received justice in this case. Our law firm knows how serious a head injury can be, as we have represented workers who have had TBIs. The brain damage in one case we settled for $60 million was so severe that he needed care for the rest of his life.

The serious nature of traumatic brain injuries and the complex legal matters involved are why we have compile the Traumatic Brain Injury Guide that provides important information about brain injury law in Virginia. Get your free copy here.

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