The roar of the gears and the rattle of cargo when a tractor trailer sidles up to you on the interstate can be nerve wracking.  But, with more than 80 percent of U.S. communities depending solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities, big rigs are here to stay.  With so many trucks on the road you are almost certain to pass one on any major Virginia, (VA) highway or interstate.  From the fishermen on the Eastern Shore to the business executives in downtown Norfolk, we all have to deal with them.  

On Tuesday the left front tire of one of these many tractor-trailers truck blew out on I-95 in Carolina County.  It was very fortunate that the driver was able to veer onto the shoulder and because of his quick thinking, no one else was injured.  Unfortunately he lost control of the truck as it knocked over hundreds of feet of guard rail. The truck struck several large pine trees and rolled onto its side. It then burst into flames, which engulfed the cabin and cargo of tires, said Sgt. Thomas J. Molnar, state police spokesman.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of the truck driver.  It was oblivious that he used his training and experience to move the truck to the side of the road thus saving other lives.  We feel for the loss especially since it was so sudden and tragic.  We do not know yet if a tire was defective or had a sudden tread separation, but will learn more after the police release their report.

 The instantaneous deflation or “blowout” of a car tire can be a devastating event. Unfortunately it occurs much more often than you might expect. A recent report by Michelin estimated that over 500 deaths and approximately 23,000 accidents a year are caused by tire blowouts.

Many tire blowouts are caused by user error such as punctures, low pressure, hitting curbs or using a tire beyond its’ rated life. Often though, they are caused by defects in design or construction by the manufacturer. If you or a loved one have been affected by an accident caused by a tire blowout that you suspect may be a defective cause, it is important to speak with one of our trucking attorneys today to see if you can recover your damages from the tire or vehicle manufacturer.  We provide free consultations to evaluate whether such a claim meets our criteria.