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Biker Killed in Virginia Beach Accident

A bicyclist died last weekend when it was hit by a car in Virginia Beach near Nrothampton Blvd. and Baker Road.

The police investigation showed that a Pontiac Grand Am struck the biker when they were both traveling down Northampton Road. Neither speed nor alcohol were factors in this crash. The accident is still being investigated.

Our work as personal injury lawyers in Virginia has shown us that bike accidents are a common and growing problem. The CDC reports that just 1% of all trips in the US are on bike, but bikers face a much higher chance of injury or death than people who travel by car. In 2012, 800 bikers died in crashes and 49,000 more were injured.

In Virginia, it is estimated that 11 people died in bike accidents in 2012. Several hundred were injured and had injuries such as broken bones, broken necks and backs, concussions and severe lacerations.

If a biker is injured in an accident and the driver is responsible, that driver should be held accountable in a civil lawsuit where the injured biker can recover financial damages. These include lost wages, funds for pain and suffering and medical costs.

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