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Biker Seriously Injured in York VA Crash

A bicyclist had serious injuries when he was hit by a car on York County, Virginia last week. The accident happened on Route 238 Old Williamsburg Road.

According to police, the driver hit the biker who was going in the same direction as he was. The driver moved over to get around the biker, but apparently did not move over far enough. The biker was hit and fell into the ditch.

He was not wearing a helmet. The investigation is ongoing.

It is not completely clear at this time who was at fault in this tragic accident. There are cases where drivers fail to give proper clearance to bikers and serious injury or death results. There also are occasions where a biker does not fully obey the rules of the road himself and is hit by a car. This can happen when the biker fails to stop at stop signs and red lights.

We have seen both drivers and bikers at fault in these instances in our personal injury legal work. In most cases, even if the biker shares part of the blame, a civil lawsuit can result in the insurance policy of the driver paying for some or all of the medical expenses of the injured biker. We hope the biker makes a complete recovery.

We also would like to remind all drivers to remember that bikers have the same right to the road that you do. Give them plenty of room when you encounter them on the road.

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