Black Boxes May Reveal Clues in Commuter Train Wreck

An investigation has begun in Valhalla NY this week after a fiery crash between a commuter train and an SUV left six people dead. Friends and family of the deceased driver are mystified as to why the driver ended up stranded on the tracks between two crossing gates with a train rushing towards her.

According to the NTSB, the agency is beginning to examine the black boxes on board the train to get to the bottom of why the wreck occurred. They are checking to see if brakes were applied and if it blew its horn as it approached the train crossing.

Investigators were working today to look over the train tracks, interview the engineers on the train and determine if the woman’s SUV contained a data recorder.

The SUV driver was driving home from work on Tuesday, when according to witnesses, she left her vehicle to check on her car after a crossing gate came down on it. She drove forward and seemed to get stuck on the tracks. That’s when the train came and crushed the SUV.

There is no sign that the crossing gates were not functioning. The crash was so severe that the electrified, third train rail pierced both the SUV and train.

We hope that investigators soon discover why this terrible tragedy occurred. It never would have happened most likely if the car driver had not been on the tracks as the gates came down. Trying to beat a train too often leads to deaths and serious injuries. We send our condolences to the family of the deceased.

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