Two accidents occurred in Alexandria, Va. earlier this week as the result of icy roads, according to WUSA-TV. One accident occurred on the on ramp from Duke Street to I-395 and involved three vehicles. The other accident occurred nearby, and around the same time, at Duke Street and Telegraph Road. Only one person was injured.

During the winter season, accidents due to icy roads or ‘black ice’ are not uncommon.  Black ice often forms on roads, and especially on bridges and overpasses, after snowstorms or after rain in low temperatures. It can be exceptionally dangerous because, unlike snow on the ground, its generally see-through. As a result, many drivers don’t know its on the road until its too late and they have lost control of their vehicle.

Black ice accidents frequently result in serious injury, such as broken limbs or head trauma, and or fatality. Thankfully, no one involved in any the accidents on Duke Street were seriously injured. These accidents still highlight an important point though – roads can be just as dangerous after a snowstorm as they are during a snowstorm

As we get further into the winter season, it is crucial to remember to drive with caution when there is inclement weather. Driving slower and maintaining a good distance between you and the car in front of you can help you avoid an accident like this. However, if you have been injured due to a driver who slid on black ice, our firm can help. We have represented clients in situations just like this and will gladly offer a free, no-hassle consultation.