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Boat Crash in North Carolina's Roanoke Sound Kills 1

A sandbar called Bana Isald off the northwest coast of Roanoke Island in North Carolina was the scene of a fatal boat crash on the night of May 16, 2015. The deadly collision between two flat-bottomed boats occurred in Roanoke Sound, which runs between the town of Manteo and the Outer Banks community of Nags Head.



Authorities do not know why the boats ran into each other. Although four people were involved, only two of them in the same craft got hurt. One of those men succumbed to his injuries before reaching a hospital, while the other injured man is expected to survive. The fatal wreck on the water occurred almost exactly one week after two other small boats collided on the nearby Chowan River, leading to two deaths.

Despite the obvious differences between the travel surfaces, almost all the same safety rules and traffic laws apply to both driving a car and operating a boat. Boating while intoxicated is a crime. Craft should approach from the left, and boaters must stay in their lanes. Driving legally requires completing a training course. Many waters close to shore have posted speed limits, and while few watercraft have or require seatbelts, use of safety gear like running lights, horns and lifejackets are more than just good ideas for all boaters.

The investigation into the deadly Roanoke Sound boat crash may take several days or even months. If evidence shows that one of the boat operators caused the fatal wreck by acting negligently or recklessly, that person can be charged with crimes and held accountable for settling insurance claims and making compensation to victims.


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