As the weather breaks in the Carolinas, residents begin to take their boats out on the water. It is important to remember the water can be as dangerous as the roads especially at the beginning of boating season.

Two people were killed this weekend in a boating crash on the Chowan River in Gates County, North Carolina near the Virginia line. Law enforcement officers on the scene reported that two bass boats were involved in the crash. The two boats were traveling side by side when one of the boats crossed in front of the other for an unknown reason. One boat then ran over top of the other. Two people survived this crash.

One resident near the accident site reported that boating accidents are common in this area, but that they are not usually fatal. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission keeps boating accident statistics for serious accidents, which they define as those involving death or more than $2,000 in physical property damage. The number of total boating accidents has decreased over the last 10 years and the number of fatal boating accidents reached an 8 year low in 2013, with only 17 fatal boating accidents state-wide. While boating seems to be getting safer, all boat owners and operators must exercise caution and practice safe driving on the water just as they would on land.

Our condolences go to families of the deceased in this accident. The next step in this process, accident reconstruction, should provide them some measure of understanding about what happened as they go through the grieving process for their loved ones. 

The particular circumstances of this boat accident will be revealed over the course of the next several days or weeks, but in general, uncovering who is liable for a boat accident and the injuries that stem from it requires an investigation that is carried out by skilled and experienced investigators. Our North Carolina boat accident injury law firm has experience in putting together the details after an accident has occurred. If you are injured in an accident this boating season and need a law firm to advocate on your behalf call us to schedule a free consultation.