Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers: Accident Burns South Carolina (SC) Teens

NC burn accident injury lawyersAnyone who has ever burned their finger while lighting a grill or while cooking knows how painful even the smallest burn can be.  So try to imagine the pain that comes with a major burn such as the one that some young people in South Carolina suffered from a bonfire in Newberry County, SC.

As a parent and Carolina personal injury attorney, I would want answers if my child was badly burned. Were any adults present? Whose property were they on? Who poured the gasoline? Although bonfire accidents are rare our firm has handled many other burn accidents including those caused by construction, electrical work or renovation activities.   

Many times these accidents are caused by a third party's negligence, carelessness or violation of a regulation. Workers compensation laws prohibit lawsuits against one's own employer, but if a third party that is not directly part of a construction project or renovation, is responsible for a defective product, a negligent action, or some other regulatory violation, our personal injury lawyers know how to investigate and bring such third-party claims on behalf of injured clients or family members killed in industrial settings.



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