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North Carolina Kicks Off "BOO-ze It & Lose It" to Combat against Drunk Drivers

Best dui accident injury lawyersTonight kicks off the N.C. Governor's Highway Safety Program's annual “BOO-ze It & Lose It” campaign, reminding those drivers attending Halloween parties and other functions this weekend that if you get caught drinking and driving, the consequences can be “scary.”

All one has to do is look at national statistics to know that we have a drunk driving problem in this country. These statistics are more frightening than any Halloween event.

More than 1.5 million people are arrested every year for drinking and driving. And half of those arrested are driving on suspended licenses.

Each year, more than 11,000 people are killed in drunk driving crashes. That is one person killed in a drunk driving accident every 45 minutes. Almost half of those victims killed in alcohol-related crashes are teenagers.

Here in North Carolina, almost 500 people are killed by a drunk driver every year. Thousands more victims survive those crashes but often end up with serious injuries.

When a drunk driver causes a car crash, not only does he or she face criminal charges, but the driver is also liable for civil penalties for the injuries and damages they have caused. People who have suffered injuries in car crashes caused by drunk drivers can recover for the medical expenses their injuries have cost, the amount in wages they have lost, as well as damages for the all the pain and suffering these injuries have caused them. The families of victims who are killed in drunk driving accidents can also sue the drunk driver responsible for the death of their loved one.

North Carolina injury laws also allow drunk driving accident victims to sue for punitive damages. The law places no cap on the amount of these damages that can be awarded in drunk driving personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. Our skilled North Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have successfully represented many drunk driving accident victims and their loved ones and understand the terrible toll these crashes have on families.

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