Both Civilian and Railroad Employees Can Fall Victim to Serious Railroad Injuries

A recent railroad crossing accident in Lakeland, Florida brings into question the effectiveness of a train crossing signal. There have been many complaints over the timing of a crossing signal at a busy Bay area railroad crossing.  The problem for some drivers is that they say they're not being alerted in time to make it across the tracks when a train is coming. A nearby resident stated that, "I know of at least three Amtrak wrecks involved with 18- wheelers right there at the same spot."

Dealing with a car insurance company after a car accident injury can be a hassle.  It is not uncommon for the insurance company to dispute liability even if their driver is liable.  So you can only imagine how hard it is for victims of railroad accident injuries to be compensated when fighting against huge railroad corporations such as CSX, Amtrak, Norfolk Southern, Amtrak and others. As experienced railroad/FELA attorneys we have fought the railroad corporations and prevailed.  We have worked for railroad employees as well as civilians who were permanently injured.  The frustrating part for many of these permanently injured victims is that the railroad accident may have been prevented altogether if only the railroad companies had complied with safety standards.

Here is an example of a railroad injury case caused by poor safety standards that we settled successfully for our client. Our client was a rail conductor who suffered back and neck injuries that left him permanently disabled after his train derailed due to a faulty track switch.  After research our firm's railroad liability expert indicated that the switch was still in need of repairs, and from the wear points on the switch he could detect that there were still FRA switch violations. The case was settled during suit for $370,000.00.


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