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Box Truck Driver Hits, Kills Moped Rider in North Charleston, SC

A crash between a box truck and a moped in North Charleston, South Carolina (SC), on the morning of March 17, 2015, proved fatal for the motor scooter rider. The deadly crash occurred near the intersection of Cross Country Road and Ashley Phosphate Road, and the commercial truck driver has been charged with failing to yield right of way to the man on the moped.



Three points reported in the Post and Courier along with news of this tragic, avoidable wreck bear quoting:

Most of the time, the moped rider is not at fault in accidents. State safety officials are constantly urging drivers to watch out for them as their numbers increase.

Last year, 33 moped riders were killed in South Carolina, almost three times as many as five years earlier and a 32 percent increase over the 25 riders killed in 2013, according to the Department of Public Safety.

Under South Carolina law, moped riders aren’t allowed to go faster than 25 mph, but they can travel on roads with much higher speed limits unless they are posted otherwise, such as interstates.

The first step to preventing a crash with a moped, motorcycle or bicycle is to watch for the two-wheelers at all intersections and when changing lanes. In my nearly three decades as a personal injury and wrongful attorney helping riders hit and hurt by drivers of larger vehicles, I have yet to hear an at-fault driver who failed to try escape responsibility and liability by saying, "I just didn't see them." To which to the only real reply is: "You did not look hard enough."

I send my deepest condolences out to the friends and family members of the moped rider killed in North Charleston. I also implore every driver to take the tiny amount of extra time -- to make the tiny bit of effort -- needed to check in every direction for two-wheelers before turning, merging or changing lanes.


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