Boy Killed in Albemarle County, VA Head-On Collision | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A child lost his life and three other people riding in the same car suffered life-threatening injuries when an SUV hit their vehicle head on in Albemarle County, Virginia (VA). The fatal wreck occurred near the intersection of Route 231/Gordonsville Road and Klockner Road at 6:40 am, July 20, 2015.



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Police told reporters that the driver of the SUV crossed double yellow lines before slamming into the car. Investigators could not immediately determine why the at-fault driver left his lane and entered the path of oncoming traffic. Possible explanations include becoming distracted by a cellphone or GPS device, being impaired by drugs or alcohol, and falling asleep behind the wheel.

Figuring out the exact cause of the deadly crash matters more to the filing of criminal charges than assigning liability. With strong evidence showing that the person driving the SUV failed to stay on the correct side of the two-lane road, victims of the head-on collision have strong grounds for filing personal injury and wrongful death claims. While such legal considerations are sure to be far from the minds of shocked and grieving family members, they should find some comfort down the line in knowing that the negligent or reckless driver who inflicted their suffering will likely be held at least financially accountable.