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Boy Seriously Injured After Car Fails To Stop for School Bus

Most of us know that when you see a school bus on the road with lights flashing, you press on your brakes and come to a complete stop. Why? Because a stopped school bus is usually picking up kids. If someone fails to stop, the risk of hitting a child increases dramatically.

That's exactly what happened in Bladen County, North Carolina (NC). A driver failed to stop at a bus and wound up hitting a young boy, according to The boy was catapulted in the air and suffered serious injuries.  In fact, he needed to undergo surgery on his leg and pelvic area. It will probably take weeks for him to fully recover.  This accident was totally preventable and just plain irresponsible by the at-fault driver.

Shockingly, it was revealed by Highway Trooper Ray Battle that drivers fail to stop in front of school busses "every day" in N.C. This is completely unacceptable. All drivers need to be remember that when you see a school bus stopped with lights flashing, you need to come to a complete stop.


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