The Brain Injury Association of Virginia has decided to permanently close its regional office in Winchester on June 30. The decision comes after 11 years in operation helping to make increase awareness about the resources available for brain injury sufferers.

A news release issued by Jill James stated that closing the office is really a product of accomplishing the Association’s goal, which was to increase area services and provide local communities to support those with a brain injury. Now, the paradigm will shift to providing local intensive case management services, and the resources that were allocated to the regional office will be reallocated to those services.

Specifically, money will be used to expand their case management services that provide one-on-one support for new brain injury sufferers. Case managers help with daily tasks, like grocery shopping, as well as fulfilling long-term goals like locating a job. A brain injury registry that used to be grant-funded is now funded by the state, freeing up even more resources. That registry serves over 7,000 Virginians each year.

Brain injury continues to be a “silent epidemic” in our country. It is difficult to diagnose and symptoms are wide-ranging and often misinterpreted. Vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents are the two leading causes of traumatic brain injury. Victims of brain injury can face lifetime care needs, and while some community resources are available, such as those provided by the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, extensive and continuing medical care is often necessary for rehabilitation.

The question for brain injury sufferers often becomes: Who will pay for my care? If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence – whether that person was the at-fault driver in a car accident or the owner of premises with a dangerous condition – you should not be responsible for bearing the entire financial burden of long-term medical care. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve from the negligent party’s insurance company. Our firm has years of experience negotiating settlements, successfully arbitrating claims, and taking cases to court when necessary. See some of our firm’s case results for more information about compensation for a traumatic brain injury.