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Brain Injury Lawsuit Filed By Former Football Player

A man who played college football in the 1980s in Illinois filed a lawsuit last week stating that he suffered traumatic brain injuries due to poor coaching and improper use of helmets.

The man filed the lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court against Olivet Nazarene University, as well as against the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and several equipment makers.

The lawsuit states that those parties contributed to several head injuries that he suffered when he played as a linebacker from 1986-89.

The suit also states that the man has had many symptoms of concussions that he says he suffered playing football, including vomiting, dizziness, confusion, blackouts and chronic headaches.

The man claims that after he suffered blows to the head, the coaches instructed him to keep playing. He also claims that he was taught to tackle with his head first.

The plaintiff has recently been diagnosed with several TBIs, as well as epilepsy, major depression and early Alzheimer’s.

We are familiar with the serious problems that people can have with TBIs, even years after they occur. As personal injury lawyers specializing in traumatic brain injuries, we know that people with TBIs may not ever totally recover from their injuries. Often times, the brain damage is not readily apparent and the cause is unclear, so people may live for years with the symptoms.

If you think you suffered a TBI due to an activity in your past, such as playing sports, you should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible, and also talk to an experienced TBI lawyer in your area.

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