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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports:

Brain injuries strike people in all walks of life, from emergency responders to soldiers and anyone involved in a car or truck accident. Treating those injuries so victims recover all or most of the cognitive abilities and psychological health can prove difficult.

Now, a recently published Institute of Medicine review of studies of therapies for severe concussions and traumatic brain injuries shows that cognitive rehabilitation individually tailored to a patients is especially helpful. The experts who reviewed findings from 90 studies qualified their endorsement of cognitive rehabilitation by stating that the techniques currently lack definitive scientific support.

According to the IOM report, two types of treatment, one focused on memory and the other on social skills, had the highest levels of supporting evidence

Brain injuries may be serious, causing someone to miss school or work, incur high medical bills, and suffer mental distress. A Virginia personal injury attorney evaluates the causes of a head injury to hold the responsible parties accountable for damages.


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