A Statesville man plans on skateboarding across North Carolina to raise money and awareness for traumatic brain injury victims. As someone who has suffered a serious head injury himself, the man hopes that his journey will help those in rehabilitation for brain injuries as well as to educate the public about safety and prevention.

According to the Charlotte Observer, 47-year-old Marion Karr will ride his long board across the entire state of North Carolina, beginning in Asheville and ending at Carolina Beach. The money he raises during his journey will benefit Huntersville’s Hinds’ Feet Farm, a medical center that aids those who have suffered a serious traumatic brain injury. Karr hopes to raise at least $10,000 on his almost 500-mile Surf2TheSurf trip.

Karr knows all too well what it is like to suffer a traumatic brain injury. When he was just 18 years old, Karr was struck by a car while cycling in a sporting event. The car hit Karr from behind, launching him into a telephone pole, breaking his jaw, and injuring his neck. Those he seems fine today, the man says that he still has trouble focusing on more than one task and has had trouble concentrating. The tragedy of brain injuries, he said, was that it is often an invisible injury that doesn’t heal on its own.

Karr will have a number of people helping him along his journey – a car will travel several miles ahead of him, while his wife a two daughters will visit him along the way. In addition, a chef will cook healthy means for the man while local fire departments will let him camp next to their stations.