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Bus Accident Brain Injury Case Settled for $35,000

A Bentonville, AR school bus hit a woman crossing a street in 2012, which lead to broken bones and a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. The woman filed a lawsuit against the bus driver, and his insurance company recently settled the suit for $35,000.

The woman had to undergo several surgeries and hospitalizations at specialized care facilities in Texas and Missouri.

The National Interstate Insurance Company initially denied the woman’s claim for compensation. The insurance policy would have had to pay out was $100,000, so the insurance firm decided to settle for $35,000, rather than try to defend itself in a trial.

The woman was hit by the bus going east on Southeast 14th St. in Bentonville on Oct. 4, 2012. She was going through a crosswalk that had signals but no painted street markings.

The accident victim continues to have headaches stemming from the accident, and still is undergoing physical therapy to recover from her injuries.

For anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury or has had that happen to a loved one, you know exactly how difficult it can be to recover completely. Our personal injury lawyers in Virginia and North Carolina possess great expertise in winning large settlements and verdicts that involve TBIs. We once secured a verdict in Virginia for $46 million in a TBI case. We also settled another TBI case where our client suffered a serious brain injury in an accident involving a tractor trailer. That was settled for $21 million.

Our TBI lawsuit experience is such that we have written this detailed guide – The Traumatic Brain Injury Guide. We hope that it proves useful to you if you or a loved one have had some type of brain injury. This guide can be a good resource to lay out your legal options in these difficult cases. Please get your copy today.


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