A car and school bus crashed into one another at the intersection of London Bridge Road and Weybridge Road in Virgina Beach, VA recently, according to a news clip posted by WVEC.  According to eyewitnesses, the school bus did not stop for a red light and hit the passenger side of the car.  Five Salem High School students were riding on the school bus at the time.

 None of the students on the bus were hurt.  Unfortunately, the car’s driver suffered lacerations to his head and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.  We send our condolences to the driver and his family, along with our hopes for a speedy recovery.

 At our firm, we see a number of mass transit accidents, including school bus accidents, each year.  While some bus accidents do not produce catastrophic results, others may result in severe injury or even death.  Approximately six children die and 12,000 more are injured in school bus accidents each year, according to School Transportation News.

 These accidents may be the result of drivers who are distracted at a crucial moment and miss a traffic signal or other event.  Such “distracted driving” is behind 80 percent of car accidents in the U.S. each year, according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  Our special report on distracted driving can help you spot the biggest distractions and learn how to avoid them, preventing accidents and maybe even saving lives.  Sharing this information with your child’s school bus driver may also help prevent accidents.