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Butter Truck Slams Into Bridge in New York

A big rig smashed into a bridge in New York state yesterday, which shut down Route 15 going north bound. The truck carried thousands of pounds of butter and was going north on the Hutchinson River Parkway into Connecticut on the Merritt Parkway when it hit the King Street overpass.

After it hit the bridge, the truck caught fire. The police noted that there were no injuries and there were no hazardous goods in the truck.

The Merritt Parkway had to be shut down for several hours after the wreck.

We are glad that there were no injuries in the above crash. But in our work as truck accident attorneys in Virginia, we see all too many preventable truck accidents. Truck driver fatigue often leads to serious truck accidents, and many of them are fatal. Truck drivers can become less responsive to road conditions they as they drive longer hours, and this can be dangerous.

In some cases, shippers share some blame for truck accidents, as they pressure drivers to drive when they are tired.

All truck drivers should remember to obey federal regulations about how long they can drive. In this way, many accidents can be avoided.

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