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CA Highway Patrol Offers Safety Tips for Driving Near Big Rigs

There are many ways to avoid getting in an accident with a tractor trailer, and the California State Highway Patrol is launching a new public safety campaign to inform motorists.

First, the CHP stated this week, is to never follow close behind a big rig. If you cannot see their side mirrors, the trucker cannot see you.

Another critical point is to stay out of their blind spot. Make sure that the truck driver sees you before you attempt to change lanes or pass.

Next, passing a truck on the highway is fine, but you should not break the speed limit to do so. Also, being patient is important. If the truck moved over to let you in as you entered the highway, let them get back in the right lane. Do not try to pass them on the right.

Blown truck tires are extremely dangerous to cars, and it is important to not stay alongside a truck any longer than needed.

By simply obeying these simple rules, all car drivers would be safer around big rigs, the CHP stated.

We have seen many truck/car wrecks in our work as Virginia personal injury lawyers, and many of them could be avoided if both truck and car drivers focused more on safety. In one recent case, we settled a suit for $3.5 million where a truck driver rear ended our client’s car, killing him. Any public safety effort that stresses the importance of safer driving on the part of truck and car drivers is a good idea. We applaud the California Highway Patrol for better informing the driving public about the dangers of driving near trucks.

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