What Happened

A woman was struck by a car after she had already been involved in a two car accident on U.S. 52 in Cana, Virginia (VA).

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Both accidents took place at the intersection of U.S. 52 and Flower Gap Road. According to a state trooper on the scene to handle the two car accident, the woman had received a phone call. While on the phone the woman stepped out from behind one of the emergency vehicles and was struck by a Chevrolet sedan. The trooper continues to say that the driver of the sedan did everything in her power to stop and not hit the woman.

The victim was rushed by ambulance to Northern Hospital of Surry County, North Carolina (NC) before she was airlifted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. There has not been any news released of the woman’s condition.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

It’s startling how quick things can go from bad to worse. We can only hope the woman struck is not in serious or life-threatening condition. This accident is a prime example of how important it is to have “move over” laws in place. It was not mentioned at what speed the woman was struck, but knowing she had to be airlifted to another hospital does not suggest it was at a slower rate. The family of the victim should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer. A good Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer will send investigators to the scene of the accident to gather evidence. While on the scene, the investigators could use the same forensic formula the police use measuring skid marks to the point of impact, to determine at what speed the sedan was traveling when the woman was struck. If it is proven the driver of the sedan showed negligence by not decreasing her speed enough when approaching and passing the scene of the accident, there is a higher probability of obtaining compensation for the victims medical and rehabilitation bills. As well as any lost income.

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