What Happened: wdbj7.com reports that a car accident in Campbell County, Virginia claimed the life of one driver, injured another, and resulted in the at-fault driver being charged with reckless driving. The at-fault driver was traveling south on Route 501 and swerved to avoid a braking vehicle; she then crossed over into the northbound lane, hitting a Chevrolet Malibu. The passenger and driver of the Malibu were taken to the hospital, where the passenger was tragically pronounced dead; the driver was later transported to another hospital due to life-threatening injuries. The at-fault driver was charged with reckless driving, while at the time of this posting the crash is still being investigated.

The accident took place here, on Route 501 just north of Mollies Creek Road:

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Reckless driving is a serious charge, because it can result in serious accidents; the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) lists many types of dangerous driving habits that qualify as reckless, such as driving side-by-side from another vehicle, speeding more than 20 MPH above the speed limit, etc. The various types of reckless driving can cause accidents that result in serious injuries or, tragically as in the case above, death. Our deepest sympathies are with the deceased victim’s loved ones, as well as the injured driver and his family; we can only hope that the reckless driver is brought to full justice. 

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There is also the additional concern in a car accident that the at-fault driver may not be insured, thereby making monetary recovery all the more difficult. Our attorneys have authored an in-depth guide explaining the various aspects of uninsured driver accidents; you can download it by clicking here.

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