North Carolina is a popular destination, with millions of tourists visiting the state annually. The combination between their lack of experience regarding North Carolina roads, add to it a population of millions ends up leading to a high amount of car accidents on the overcrowded roads.


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation traffic deaths in 2009 fell 9.7 percent to 33,808, but that doesn’t necessarily mean improved traffic safety. Many roads are improperly designed with incorrect curve angles and proper water drainage. If you add traffic congestion to this bad planning then the combination makes North Carolina a state with one of the largest number of motor vehicle crash fatalities in U.S. Four other factors that contribute to this high number include:


  1. driver distraction

  2. mechanical failures

  3. alcohol or drug related driving

  4. speeding.


Anyone that has been involved in an auto accident and has suffered losses, damages, and injuries should seek a legal claim to offset the cost that was associated with an accident that was clearly not their fault. Proving fault in North Carolina can be difficult and it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a North Carolina car accident injury lawyer to advise you of your rights.


An experienced lawyer is aware of the tricks used by insurance companies to decrease or avoid a legal claim that might rightfully be yours. A competent attorney can guide you through this process and help negotiate a settlement that is advantageous to you. Quite often going to court is not necessary when matters are put into their proper perspective.