A recent media report concerning car accidents on Interstate 264 (I-264) focuses on two separate car crashes that occurred on the same day, but in two different locations. A total of eight cars were involved in the two wrecks.

There were no injuries reported in either of the two accidents. That is good news, and we wish it were that way every time car accident happens on Virginia (VA) freeways. However, we know that is usually not the case.

VA freeways have a high traffic volume this contributes to car accidents. But is high traffic volume the main cause of wrecks? Maybe not.

It is known that speed is a factor in many car crashes and there are far too many impaired drivers under the influence or alcohol or drugs on the road.

Sometimes, road conditions can cause accidents on VA freeways. This may be one reason why the Virginia (VA) governor is asking for consideration to be given concerning making portions of I-95 and I-81 toll roads. The money collected in tolls would go toward improvements and repairs along all Virginia (VA) freeways.

Regardless, the best thing you can do to avoid getting into a major car wreck is to be vigilant and cautious on VA roads and freeways. Don’t speed, don’t get distracted with your cell phone, and always wear your seat belt. I know these tips are common knowledge, but it’s surprising how many accidents are caused by failing to follow these basic safety tips.