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Car Crashes Fatally With Motorcycle in Christiansburg

A collision between a car and a motorcycle on Virginia Route 8 in Christiansburg, VA, left the biker with fatal injuries. The crash happened at a little before 8 pm on August 24, 2016.



According to news reports, the driver of the car was attempting to turn left from an I-81 off ramp onto the state highway. The motorcycle rider could not avoid the car while traveling straight through the interchange. Drivers leaving the interstate at the location of this deadly accident have a stop sign and must yield right of way to vehicles on Route 8.

The motorcyclist initially survived the wreck with the car that cut him off, but he succumbed to his injuries while being transported by helicopter to a hospital in nearby Roanoke. Police investigated the incident throughout the night and did not immediately announced whether the driver would be charged with any criminal or traffic violations.

Sadly, tragic losses of life like this one in Christiansburg occur almost every day. Drivers in cars and trucks fail to see motorcyclists while turning or changing lanes, a collision results, and the motorcycle rider, lacking any of the protections afforded by crumple zones, airbags and side panels, sustains fatal injuries. The means for avoiding such deadly crashes is as simple as taking the time needed to look for motorcycles. The solution is also as simple as understanding that motorcycles are often closer and moving faster than estimated. Just waiting until the way is completely clear before turning, merging or changing lives saves lives.


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