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Car Crashing Into Turning Minivan Causes Death, Injuries

A collision between a minivan and a car in Greenville County, South Carolina (SC), left the van driver dead and three people in the car hospitalized with injuries. The fatal January 16, 2017, wreck happened at the intersection of Cedar Lane Road and Worth Street.



Police told reporters that the deadly collision happened when the minivan driver tried to turn from Cedar Lane onto Worth. The car struck the turning vehicle, pushing both into the parking lot of a nearby business. Four unoccupied vehicles were damaged.

The man behind the wheel of the minivan initially survived, but he succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving at a hospital. Thae nature and severity of the injuries to the car's driver and his two passengers were not publicly disclosed.

Also unclear are how the crash occurred and which driver was at fault. Details are not available on whether the minivan driver was turning right or left, whether the crash was a T-bone or rear-end collision, or which driver had right of way at the time. Figuring out each of those variables will be necessary to allow the injured survivors and the family of the man who lost his life to file and collect on insurance claims. The passengers may have legitimate claims against the policies of both drivers regardless of what investigators find. But even in that situation, it will help to know which driver was primarily responsible.

Any time insurance liability after a car crash is at issue, people who may have personal injury or wrongful death claims can benefit from consulting with a Carolina plaintiff's attorney. Speaking with a legal adviser will help all the people involved understand, protect and exercise their legal right to seek financial compensation and damages. 


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