Car Crashing Through Chesapeake Post Office Injures 7

Seven people visiting and working in a Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), post office suffered injuries when a car crashed through the front of the building on the afternoon of January 25, 2016. A similar wreck occurred at the post office off Battlefield Boulevard in July 2014.



Police did not release information on why the car slammed through the building's window after being parked in the lot out front, but they did suggest that the at-fault driver may face charges. Witnesses described crash victims pinned to the service counter and needing to be carried out on stretchers. Fortunately, each person hurt in what is technically called a fixed-object collision is expected to recover.

A common excuse drivers who hit buildings give is that they mistook their gas pedal for the brake. Others say they thought they had put their vehicle into reverse but selected a forward gear instead. Such acts of negligence can be understandable, but such explanations do not relieve a driver from liability for inflicting injuries on others.

Another factor that needs to be examined in this Chesapeake crash is that fact that a nearly identical incident occurred at the same location just a year-and-a-half ago. Is the parking lot properly designed to separate vehicles from pedestrians? Are barriers in place to stop or slow out-of-control vehicles? Is the building itself strong enough to absorb an impact from a slow-moving car or truck?

Such questions may seem unimportant, but answering them becomes essential when wrecks like the two at the Chesapeake post office occur so close together. Protecting employees and patrons can never be secondary consideration for parking lot operators and building owners.


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