Do not make an illegal lane change in front of a tractor trailer. That is the clear and simple message that two people in a Ford Thunderbird learned recently. The driver in the Thunderbird made a sudden lane change on Interstate 77 (I-77) near the North Carolina (NC)/South Carolina (SC) border and the result was a major car-truck wreck.

The Thunderbird wound up getting stuck underneath the tractor trailer and dragged for more than 200 feet, according to  The car was in such bad shape, that when a tow truck arrived to remove totaled car, he was convinced someone had been killed.

Fortunately, both the driver and passenger in the Thunderbird survived, but did suffer injuries.

This accident is an example of why you really need to be attentive and focused on the road when driving alongside a tractor trailer. The disparity in size and weight between a big rig and a car is so vast that if an accident occurs, the people in the car usually take the brunt of the wreck.

The driver and passenger in the Thunderbird were lucky not to have sustained life-altering injuries or been killed in this car-truck accident.

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