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Car Flips, Rolls and Crashes Into Suffolk, VA Home, Killing One

In action films, we have grown accustomed to seeing horrific car accidents where a car flips several times but the hero manages to stagger out with only a few minor injuries. When those same accidents happen in real life, the reality is far from the movies.

In Suffolk, Virginia (VA), just off the 2600 block of E. Washington Street, a car ran off the road, hit a ditch and flipped several times before hitting a house.  Sadly one of the passengers died at the scene. The driver and the other passengers were rushed to the hospital.

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Even though this was a one-car wreck, the passengers, or their survivors, may be able to file a claim for their damages under any insurance policy covering the driver. However many times people don’t anticipate an accident of this magnitude and they may be underinsured.

In some cases, people are often unsure about making claims against friends or family members' insurance policies in the event of a car accident. What you should know is that the entire purpose of auto insurance is to cover all types of accidents. Injured parties should have no worries about making claims against any at-fault individuals.

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