Car Hits School Bus, Injuring Adult and Child

What Happened:

A car hit a school bus in Raleigh, North Carolina, which left the driver of the car with serious injuries. A child on the bus also had minor injuries. The wreck occurred on Peace Street, between Capital Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue.

North Carolina State Police are investigating the crash.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

We are relieved that there were no fatalities in this accident, and we hope all parties have a full recovery. All of us should remember to be careful around school buses and to always obey all speed limits. As experienced Virginia accident injury attorneys, our firms sees accidents involving school buses far too often

The family of the injured child could benefit from a consultation with a North Carolina personal injury attorney. They could be entitled to financial restitution for their child’s injuries.

For More Information:

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Have Questions?

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