A single-car drunk driving accident on East Virginia Beach Boulevard in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), left a passenger dead and the at-fault driver facing DUI charges.

The fatal crash occurred late on the night of August 10, 2012, at the intersection with Ballentine Boulevard. Police say the man responsible for the wreck ran from the scene and had to be chased down on foot. It is unclear whether the driver will be charged with fleeing or causing a death.


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The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers’ Perspective

As wrongful death attorneys based in Virginia Beach, we have helped many Norfolk families who lost loved ones in traffic accidents. We have also held dozens of drunk drivers accountable for the injuries, deaths and pain and suffering they have caused.

Virginia law makes it possible to sue drivers impaired by alcohol for punitive damages over and above any monetary losses incurred by victims of their reckless and negligent actions. A stipulation for filing such claims, however, is that the at-fault driver has to be shown to have been very intoxicated — with a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal BAC of .08.


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