Two teenagers were injured after their four-wheeler was hit by a car recently. The ATV was crossing Richardson Road near Zebulon,North Carolina, according to state troopers. It is not clear as to why the teens were crossing the road and exactly how busy the highway was at the time of the crash.

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The teens, 13-yrs and 15-yrs, were riding together on the four-wheeler. Unfortunately, as they attempted to cross the road they were struck by a fast-moving,oncoming car.

After the accident they were taken to Duke University Hospital where they’re receiving medical attention. NC State Troopers did not release the names of the boys. All occupants of the car, including the driver, were not harmed in the collision.

It is not known as to the condition the driver was in at the time he struck the teens. The accident is still under instigation. Factors they may take into consideration would include concerns as to whether he was speeding, distracted from the road, or simply did not have enough time to react. What we do know is that two boys were taken to the hospital with what looks to be very serious injuries. Our heartfelt prayers go out to their families and  we wish the children a speedy recovery.