Two Carolina Accidents Show Dangers Drivers Pose for Passengers

No two traffic accidents that leave victims seriously injured and in need of hospital treatment are identical. Two wreck in North Carolina and South Carolina during the first half of November 2014, however, illustrate how reckless behavior by drivers put the lives and health of passengers in their vehicles at risk.



The earlier wreck occurred outside of the town of Grifton, NC, on November 7, when a woman with a Virginia Beach, VA, address drove into another car near the intersection of NC 11 and Blount Hall Road. A passenger in her own car sustained significant injuries, as did the woman behind the wheel of the vehicle she hit head on after crossing the center line of the highway. Police later charged the at-fault driver with driving while intoxicated.

On the afternoon of November 16, a car skidded off I-20 in Kershaw County, SC, and flipped over. Following the single-car accident just short of the Lugoff exit from the interstate, at least one passenger became trapped in the rolled-over vehicle. Another passenger also sustained injuries. State troopers blamed excess speed for causing the driver to lose control.

Drivers literally hold passengers' lives in their hands because their actions determine whether car trips end at the intended destinations or with collisions. Driving drunk, speeding and other reckless behaviors make crashing much more likely, and all are preventable. My Carolina personal injury lawyers know that passengers hospitalized after single-vehicle wrecks can be hesitant to file insurance claims against drivers who are friends or relatives. We urge such victims to recognize that insurance policies exist specifically to protect at-fault drivers from paying out of pocket to cover medical bills and other accident-related costs that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of how the insurance and compensation issues resulting from these accidents get handled, we wish all the victims full and rapid recoveries. 


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