A speeding and reckless driver crashed while trying to elude a Richmond County police officer on US Highway 1 in South Carolina. He slammed into an embankment and received a serious head injury.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, 35-year-old Michael Brantley of Modoc, South Carolina, was speeding on the Gordon highway when a deputy attempted to pull him over. He sped away from the officer and across the South Carolina state line, but then lost control of his vehicle. He crossed several lanes, ran off the road, and struck several trees before hitting an embankment and flying about 50 feet into the air. Brantley received a serious brain injury when he was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled.

Another passenger in the car, 21-year-old Laura Smith, received abdominal injuries in the car accident. The police cited Smith for not wearing a seat belt, while Brantley was charged with driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and improper tag display.